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desperatemusic's Journal

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Welcome to DesperateMusic (DM)! We like you already.

Here's a place where you can be that musical character you've always wondered what it would be like to be.

Before joining (or directly after), please join musicallyooc and introduce yourself. It will make things easier for everyone.

Since no rules = chaos, generally, here are a few ground rules.

1. Please check to make sure whatever character you want to pick up isn't already taken. We have a tagging system and a list of taken pups (located in the community memorable entries) that is, overall, pretty accurate. You can also ask over at musicallyooc.
2. We're pretty laid back. So keep the drama far away, please. It's really not welcome here.
3. If you have any questions or issues, let one of the mods know. We'll do our absolute best to answer/fix the problem.
4. There are different musicals out there that center around the same characters (ex: Wicked vs Wizard of Oz, Oliver! vs Twist, etc). If you want to pick up someone from a musical, but the character's double is already here, all you need to do is check with the typist of the already-existing puppet, and one of the mods. If it's okay with them, then go for it.
5. No godmodding, and check with the typists before doing something that would extremely effect any puppets.
6. Most of the puppet interaction takes place in the IRC chat #desperatemusic. Here is the desperatefans guide to using IRC. Same steps, just change "fans" to "music".
7. Have a particularly hilarious IRC log, or just one that you think others would be interested in reading? Post it at dm_score! We'd love to see.
8. We are a sister community of desperatefans. Most of the people here also play there. Go check it out and have twice the fun!
9. As previously mentioned, we have a tagging system. Please please please use it. It makes things so much easier for us. Here is the LiveJournal FAQ about what tags are and how to use them.
10. There is no puppet limit. Pick up as many as you want! On one condition: You MUST keep your puppets as active as possible.
11. After six weeks of inactivity, if you want to pick up an idle puppet, make a post in musicallyooc inquiring after the puppet's typist. If there's no response within a week or two, contact a mod. If you still get no communication from the original typist, the puppet is up for grabs.
12. Please give us some way to contact you, if you are not an active participant in chat. If we have any questions for you, we need to know how to reach you. Leave an email address or OOC journal link or AIM screen name in your puppet's journal.
13. Keep the characters relatively well-known. Obscure characters are fun! If you know an old musical well enough to play a character from it, more power to you! But don't start playing a character from a play you and your best friend wrote last summer together, or one that your old high school theatre director wrote and produced at your high school, or a local community theater. That makes it no fun for the rest of us.
14. Feel free to utilize your puppets' individual journals! Most of us regularly check the community friends page, and that enables even further puppet interaction.
15. Most importantly of all, remember that this is a game. The most important thing is to just have fun.

People of Note:
Creator/Modthing of community and chat: dth_vlly_queen
Modthing of community and chat: im_just_someguy
Official Tag-Keeper/Modthing of community and chat: dreamsofstars
Keeper of the List/Modthing of community: amything

As a side note, the community of DM takes place on a ship. There's a kitchen, individual rooms, and a large community living room with sofas and everything. Keep the setting in mind while playing.